Surface FAQ

Is Fast Charging on the new Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X. Surface Laptop 3?

Fast Charging requires enough power delivered over the Microsoft Surface 65W power supply that came with your Surface device. If you have a Surface Dock and use the 90W power adapter that came with it, Fast Charging can be used when you connect your dock to your Surface.


Can I charge my Surface with the USB-C port?

Yes, you can usually charge your Surface with the USB-C port. As per the standard charger, the USB-C charger need to support 65W Power Delivery(PD) in order to fast charge. However, we highly recommend using the charger that came with your Surface because the charging speed with a USB-C cable can be very slow, depending on the power supply and cable you’re using

How do I insert a SIM card and configure the network in my Surface Pro X?

  1. Place your Surface Pro X screen on a table and lift the kickstand to reveal the SIM door.
  2. Insert the included SIM ejector tool into the small hole on the SIM door to detach it.
  3. Push your SIM card into the SIM card slot until it clicks.
  4. Slide the SIM door into place, then press down until it clicks.
  5. To use your SIM, select Start  > Settings  > Network & Internet  > Cellular , then under Use this SIM for cellular data, select SIM1.
  6. On the taskbar, select the Network icon (, , or ) and make sure your SIM card mobile operator is listed.

How do I pair the Surface Pen / Surface Slim Pen with my Surface Pro?

  1. Select Start  > Settings  > Devices  > Add Bluetooth or other device  > Bluetooth.
  2. Press and hold the top button of your pen for 5-7 seconds until the LED light flashes white to turn on Bluetooth pairing mode.
  3. Select Surface Slim Pen / Surface Pen to pair your pen.

If you have a Surface Pro X, there are two ways you can automatically connect your pen to it. Here's how: 

Place your pen in the storage tray of a Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard, then remove it.

Use Swift Connect to automatically connect your Slim Pen. To do this, simply write on the screen with your pen. A setup experience will appear and help you customize your pen.